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Gara Naruto

Daraufhin erklĂ€rt Gaara Naruto und Shikamaru, dass er wirklich ein Monster ist und warum er gerne Leute tötet. Gaara beginnt nun auch, Shikamaru und Naruto​. Uploaded by Hokage Tsunade. Find images and videos about anime, naruto and gaara on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. - Erkunde LichtNadjs Pinnwand „Gaara❀❀❀❀❀“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu gaara, naruto, naruto bilder.


Als Naruto einige Kage Bunshin-Kombinationen gegen Gaara einsetzt, erweckt dieser mit einem speziellen Jutsu das Shukaku und wird so zu. Gaara ist eine fiktive Figur in der Naruto-Manga- und Anime-Serie von Masashi Kishimoto. Gaara debĂŒtierte ursprĂŒnglich als Antagonist und ist ein Shinobi, der mit Sunagakure verbunden ist. Er ist der Sohn von Sunagakures AnfĂŒhrer, dem vierten. - Shusui hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.

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As the host of Shukaku, Gaara possesses the ability to manipulate sand, typically Sexualkunde In Der Schule it through the air to serve various purposes. After the battle, Gaara explains even a person who works for the bad has someone precious in them, and explains to Lee that he was like Naruto Uzumaki. Eventually, due to the Akatsuki's increasing Sport Im Dritten Moderatoren, Gaara was summoned Tv Tv Programm Heute 20.15 attend the Five Kage Summit to discuss how to deal Omar Sy Film the organization. This shield protects Gaara from all harm, even against his will, but Cl.Zdf.De still be defeated with great enough speed and strength. Gaara eventually formed a close friendship Gara Naruto Naruto. Gaara almost always carries a gourd on his back. After his father apologized for ruining his early childhood as he was sealed, Gaara faced the battlefield with new determination. As he and other Sunagakure shinobi travel through a rocky terrain, San's bird creature attacks the convoy with its exploding feathers. Kon Tiki Imdb the month before the finals, Dosu Kinuta tried to kill Gaara in order to ensure that he could fight Sasuke. Gaara's Gourd holds special chakra-infused sand that he can use to both attack and defend. But one man, one ninja from Konoha stopped me. At least this time, it didn't get to where they couldn't the Shippuden movie "Inheritors of the Will of Fire.". Shinki Attacks Gaara, Gaara Meets Shinki for the First Time, Shinki's Childhood, Gaara & Shinki Story, Gaara meets kid shinki, Gaara's Son Shinki, Shinki Vs. Shinki (ă‚·ăƒłă‚­ Shinki) is a shinobi of Sunagakure's Kazekage clan. He acts as the leader of Team Shinki. 1 Background 2 Personality 3 Appearance 4 Abilities Physical Prowess Ninjutsu Nature Transformation 5 New Era Versus Momoshiki Arc One-Tail Escort Arc Kara Actuation Arc 6 Trivia 7 References In the anime, as a young boy, Shinki was unable to control his power. Garaga (ă‚Źăƒ©ă‚Ź Garaga) is an inhabitant of the RyĆ«chi Cave, and the former personal summon of Boruto Uzumaki. 1 Background 2 Personality 3 Appearance 4 Abilities 5 New Era Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc 6 Trivia 7 References When he was young, Garaga entered into a summoning contract with a shinobi. In one of their battles, his summoner wanted to retreat, but Garaga wanted to keep on. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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So verbrachte Gaara eine einsame Kindheit.
Gara Naruto
Gara Naruto Garaga is a very powerful snake, able to fend off multiple shinobi and even a fellow giant snake all at once. Gaara has ranked highly in the popularity polls for the series, continuously placing in the top ten. After awakening, they reported the assault. Choosing not to activate it for personal reasonsMitsuki surrendered, resulting in Shinki progressing Lg Smart Thinq the finals against Sarada Uchiha and Boruto.
Gara Naruto Gaara ist eine fiktive Figur in der Naruto-Manga- und Anime-Serie von Masashi Kishimoto. Gaara debĂŒtierte ursprĂŒnglich als Antagonist und ist ein Shinobi, der mit Sunagakure verbunden ist. Er ist der Sohn von Sunagakures AnfĂŒhrer, dem vierten. Daraufhin erklĂ€rt Gaara Naruto und Shikamaru, dass er wirklich ein Monster ist und warum er gerne Leute tötet. Gaara beginnt nun auch, Shikamaru und Naruto​. Als Naruto einige Kage Bunshin-Kombinationen gegen Gaara einsetzt, erweckt dieser mit einem speziellen Jutsu das Shukaku und wird so zu. - Shusui hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Naruto Shippuden - Figur: Gaara Nendoroid Gaara verwandelt sich nun immer mehr und hat FlĂŒchtlinge Urlaub neuen Gegner Naruto. Gaara kann auch DoppelgĂ€nger von Ninja - Pfad Der Rache oder anderen Katja LetS Dance erschaffen oder ein Auge aus Sand erschaffen, welches er fliegen lassen und damit sehen kann.

Gaara was to play a major part in the attack on Konohagakure Konoha , which was engineered by Orochimaru. The plan was to release Shukaku inside Konoha simultaneously with Orochimaru's giant snakes spearheading an attack from outside, but Shukaku proved to be too unpredictable.

He was then defeated in battle by Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto puzzled Gaara by fighting for th. While the battle technically ended in a draw, what surprised Gaara was Naruto's undying devotion to his friends.

Upon witnessing Naruto literally inch and crawl his way to make sure Gaara is defeated while they were both on the ground, Gaara realized that Naruto's strength comes from the desire to protect his precious friends.

As Gaara and his siblings fled, Gaara apologized to them, which brought out surprised looks from each. Gaara later appeared as an ally, after the Fifth Hokage asked them to assist the team sent to retrieve Uchiha Sasuke.

Gaara arrived in time to rescue Rock Lee from Kimimaro. After the mission ended in failure, Gaara and his siblings returned home to Sunagakure.

When Uzumaki Naruto returned to Konohagakure after his two and a half year training under Jiraiya, he was shocked to find that Gaara had become Kazekage.

Gaara defended his village from an attack by Akatsuki who were actually after the Shukaku. Gaara was defeated by Deidara, captured and Shukaku was extracted from his body.

This led to his death, but Chiyo was able to use her life-restoring technique and the help of Naruto's chakra to bring Gaara back to life at the cost of her own.

It has been comfirmed that he can still control sand and use sand-based attacks, but his fighting strength sans-Shukaku remains untested.

In the manga, Gaara seems to have fangirls shown after his resurrection , much to the chagrin of Naruto.

Because of the demon inside of him, Gaara is feared and hated by his entire village. This in turn has made Gaara hate everybody but himself.

Gaara had lost all emotion years ago and filled the gap with the unrelenting goal of killing anybody in the world that was not himself.

To Gaara, killing is the only way he can verify his existence. His insomnia, forced upon him by the fact that the demon inside him would eat away at his personality if he were to fall asleep, made his personality further unstable.

Gaara is an extremely powerful shinobi, becoming Kazekage by the time he was 15, and later during the Fourth Shinobi World War, he was appointed the Regimental Commander, and leader of the Allied Shinobi Forces's Fourth Division.

His power and status have now become well-respected and praised by everyone in the Allied Shinobi Forces , including other Kage, both the current and previous ones.

Even the Second Mizukage called Gaara the "golden egg amongst the Kage", and his father acknowledged that he had surpassed him in more ways than he could have hoped for.

He was also praised by his enemies such as Deidara, who commented on his power after he captured him, losing an arm to Gaara's attack in the process.

Even though he had lost his tailed beast Shukaku, he was still powerful enough to remain Kazekage. Another testament to Gaara's power at his young age is that he could hold his own against five of Madara Uchiha's Susanoo-clad wood clones for a long period of time.

In addition, his chakra was noted to be very strong as noted by Kiba and thus is able to use many chakra-taxing sand-based techniques, sometimes in quick succession, before becoming exhausted.

Despite the removal of Shukaku from inside him, Gaara's chakra reserves and strength remained just as powerful. As a host of Shukaku, Gaara possesses the ability to freely manipulate sand, through the beast's Magnet Release, to serve various purposes.

The focus of his fighting style, Gaara's control and cunning in using this ability is formidable, able to control immense amounts one time for feats such as fully transforming into Shukaku and create a tsunami of sand to fight four reincarnated Kage.

During battle, Gaara rarely moves, attacking with his sand from a single location, and rarely uses taijutsu.

His most basic attack method is to first capture and immobolise his target, and then implode the sand to crush the target.

Taking advantage of the malleable nature of sand, Gaara has come up with various "catch and crush" tactics.

As the second element of his combat style, Gaara has various sand-defences should opponents gets too close. His primary defence is his Shield of Sand, forms a barrier to surround and protect Gaara on its own.

While automatic, Gaara can control its strength-level to steel-like quality or make it completely encase himself. While an effective defence, the shield can be overcome with high-speed attacks or simple enough sheer force.

Should this happen, Gaara has a secondary layer of sand covering him called the Armour of Sand. Although useful, the armour requires large amounts of chakra to remain active, and also has the side-effect of weighing Gaara down.

It is unknown whether or not Gaara's automatic sand defence was ever truly Shukaku's doing as according to the Fourth Kazekage and Yashamaru, Gaara's mother, Karura, was the true source she loved him and vowed to always protect him.

In addition to these basic methods of offence and defence, Gaara also has a number of miscellaneous techniques. By making a sand clone of himself, Gaara can have an ally to be used in battle.

Unlike most clone techniques in the series, the sand clone can retain its shape after being hit, able to reform itself or capture an opponent upon being dispersed.

With his Desert Suspension, Gaara can use sand as a platform, to allow himself and others to float in the air. Using the Third Eye technique allows him to create a floating eyeball of sand in any location, which he can see through as a means of spying or guide his attacks while his sight is obstructed.

Despite the removal of Shukaku, Gaara can still use his sand like before. According to Sasuke at the Kage Summit, Gaara's Absolute Defense is still alive and well.

Not only that, but the sand has also massively improved in speed, defense, and offense since last time. He could not only block the Raikage's kick seconds before it touched Amaterasu, but even block Amaterasu itself too.

It is unknown if his sand defense is still automatic or requires his own will since the Shukaku's absence.

In desperate situations, Gaara was able to take on the form of Shukaku by layering sand on his body, making him many times more powerful than he already is.

Shukaku's personality grew more dominant during this transformation, increasing Gaara's homicidal tendencies.

Once finished, Gaara assumed a human-sized version of Shukaku, wherein he relied on his brute strength to destroy everything around him.

If need be, Gaara could almost instantly create a life-sized version of Shukaku, should the human-sized form fail. In this form, he remained deep within the copy of Shukaku, safe from harm, though unable to move.

Gaara could also unleash the spirit of Shukaku through his Feigning Sleep Technique, which forced him to sleep, allowing the Shukaku copy to operate at its full potential.

To do so, however, Gaara must emerge from within the copy, leaving him open to attack for the duration of the jutsu.

In time, he began gaining better control over Shukaku, such that he could suppress its personality by himself towards the end of the anime's filler arcs.

By the time Part II began, Gaara was even capable of using Shukaku's arms to attack numerous times, without losing control of himself.

Due to the removal of Shukaku, it is unclear whether Gaara can still be able to use Shukaku's arms or any jutsu that involves its traits such as Ultimately Hard Absolute Defense: Shield of Shukaku or Ultimately Hard Absolute Attack: Spear of Shukaku in combat.

He was able to pass the first phase without giving any indications that he was cheating. During the second phase, he demonstrated his thirst for blood, coldly murdering Team Shigure, who Gaara claimed had looked at him the wrong way, and threatened to kill his own siblings when they tried to reason with him.

Gaara and his team finished this phase in an hour and thirty-seven minutes, beating the previous record by over four hours, with Gaara not getting so much as a speck of dust on his clothes, a feat that would be very difficult even for an experienced ninja.

In the preliminary matches, Gaara was matched against Rock Lee. Lee's formidable speed and strength were enough to bypass Gaara's Shield of Sand completely, forcing him to rely on his secondary Armor of Sand.

Despite Lee's best efforts, Gaara's sand protected him from even Lee's Reverse Lotus, which left Lee in no condition to fight after its use.

Gaara used his sand to crush the weakened Lee's arm and leg, critically injuring him. Gaara tried to kill Lee, but Might Guy intervened before he could harm Lee any further.

For the finals, Gaara was matched against Sasuke Uchiha. In the month before the finals, Dosu Kinuta tried to kill Gaara in order to ensure that he could fight Sasuke.

Gaara promptly killed him with the power of Shukaku. Prior to his battle with Sasuke, he brutally killed Tsuba and Midori, both of whom tried to threaten Gaara to lose the battle for a bet.

When fighting Sasuke, he realizes he has taijutsu as high as Lee after the month's training. Not caring what happens, Gaara tries to transform.

However, he was wounded by Sasuke's Chidori, disabling him from transforming or serving his role in the invasion. With Gaara no longer in a condition to join the battle, Gaara and his siblings fled the village, while the invasion proceeded without them.

Gaara was pursued by the members of Team 7, along with Shikamaru Nara and Shino Aburame, which forced Gaara to begin transforming into Shukaku.

As his transformation progressed, Sasuke tried to use Chidori two. Gaara tried to kill Sasuke, but was stopped by Naruto and Sakura's arrivals. This gave Gaara a short flashback of his betrayed childhood.

Intrigued by Naruto's abilities, Gaara pinned Sakura to a tree, in order to force Naruto to fight. Naruto, scared, stayed to fight against him to protect his friends.

Though Gaara seemed to have the upper hand, Naruto attacks the lower base of the tail, using One Thousand Years of Death from Kakashi Hatake, reducing Gaara's defense tremendously, giving Naruto the upper hand in the battle.

When beaten down by the massive shadow clones Naruto summoned, Gaara angers, and releases the body of the One-Tailed Shukaku.

Naruto then summons Gamabunta right before Gaara could kill him. Gaara then used the Feigning Sleep Technique to let Shukaku take full control in the battle.

Once Shukaku proved to be stronger than Gamabunta, he and Naruto used their Combination Transformation technique to transform into a giant fox the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox in the anime so he can cling onto Shukaku for Naruto to hit Gaara for the beast to be resealed.

This became successful, but Naruto's chakra became drained. Naruto used some of the Nine-Tails' chakra, then headbutt Gaara, making Shukaku's body crumble.

With the last of their energy, the two exchanged final blows, Naruto ending up claiming victory. Gaara was puzzled by Naruto's undying devotion to his friends, causing Gaara to realize that Naruto's strength came from the desire to protect those close to him.

Thanks to Naruto's influence, the defeat proved to be a major turning point for Gaara. Team Baki was called by the Fifth Hokage to assist the Sasuke Retrieval Squad in retrieving Sasuke when he defected from Konoha.

Gaara arrived to save Rock Lee in time from preventing Kimimaro's final blow. This showed Gaara's new personality. In the fight, Gaara showed off several new abilities, proving too much for Kimimaro.

Once Kimimaro releases the 2nd state of his Cursed Seal of Earth, this proved too much for him, and in the end, he almost defeated the two, only to be luckily saved by Kimimaro's unknown disease which killed him.

Nevertheless, he refrained from giving him a complete name like Gaara Yuzawa. However, after multiple changes, he became Gaara.

Due to his importance in the manga as a result of being Naruto's foil, Kishimoto added the kanji for "love" in his head to complement his name part of Gaara's name can be read as "love".

Gaara's initial attire, along with the costumes of his siblings, was difficult for Kishimoto to draw on a weekly basis. Because of this, Kishimoto gave the three of them simpler costumes towards the end of Part I; Gaara received an outfit with an upright collar.

In addition to being easier to draw, it was used to demonstrate the change in relationship between Gaara and Naruto following their previous fight.

Kishimoto cites The Matrix , one of his favorite movies, as an inspiration for Gaara's new costume, and he considers it to be his favorite costume of the three siblings.

This shot was inspired by Akira , a manga by Katsuhiro Otomo that Kishimoto was a fan of. In the Japanese version of Naruto ' s animated versions Akira Ishida voices Gaara.

Liam O'Brien takes his place for the English dub. The Western actor, before being selected to voice Gaara, had already heard about the series' popularity.

O'Brien went for an early audition in Los Angeles with hopes of doing Gaara's voice but failed it. However, Brien later went through another audition and got Gaara's role.

Though believed at the time to be Shukaku's power in action, Gaara can manipulate sand, which subconsciously protects him.

With Gaara's sand adding to his inability to control Shukaku, the boy became feared to the point his father decided to have him assassinated.

Gaara first appears in the series when he is sent to Konohagakure, an allied ninja village, to take part in the Chunin Exams alongside his older siblings Kankuro and Temari.

In truth, he is sent in order to infiltrate Konohagakure in preparation for an invasion by Sunagakure and its ally, Otogakure.

In the third phase, Gaara is set to fight against Rock Lee. Lee is able to pass Gaara's defenses, provoking an enraged Gaara into breaking Lee's arm and leg, claiming victory.

This begins the invasion, with his older siblings carrying him off as he could not participate in his current state of mind.

He makes amends with the many characters he had alienated, apologizing to those he hurt and improving his relationship with his family. This culminates in his replacing his father as the Fifth Kazekage during Part II of the series.

In Part II of the series, three years after his mission, Deidara , a member of the criminal organization Akatsuki , is sent to Sunagakure to capture Gaara.

Gaara fights Deidara to protect the village, but is defeated. The members of the Akatsuki then kidnap him and extract Shukaku from his body. Rasa reveals the truth to Gaara that his uncle's final action was his doing and that the truth that Gaara's mother always loved him, moving Gaara to tears after learning his mother's will is the force behind his sand.

He spends the nights awake by himself. Due to the demon's influence, Gaara was shown to have violent and sadistic tendencies in battle demonstrates a psychotic personality when he laughs and openly mocks Sasuke for being weak.

The Shukaku wants to take over Gaara but Gaara willingly does not want to be taken over by it. When Gaara was defeated by Naruto in his fight, Naruto told the latter about the pain he went through in the past.

Having saw Naruto's open up to him and feeling empathy for him, Gaara changed and for the first time he saw a friend who cares about him.

Since that day, Gaara has redeemed himself and is not willing to harm or kill anyone wantonly. Gaara also have respect for Naruto and people in general.

During the war, when he found out about his father's, his uncle Yashamaru's, and his mother's Karura's love for Gaara and that the pain he went through was because of grooming him as a jinchuuriki, Gaara had a new resolve in his heart.

In the war, Gaara show that he is willing protect the army, protect Naruto, and cherish his relationship with Shukaku.

When Gaara was still in the womb of Karura, his father the Fourth Kazekage, the leader of the Hidden Sand Village, had the Tailed Beast known as Shukaku the One Tail sealed inside him, in the hopes of making him a powerful protector of the Sand Village.

With Karura dead from the premature birth, Gaara was trained and nurtured by his father as he had a very miserable childhood due to the isolation Shukaku seemingly caused by Gaara subconsciously harming others with his sand and becoming feared by his older siblings Kankuro and Temari.

The only one who appeared to care for Gaara was his maternal uncle Yashamaru, who became the boy's legal guardian and tried to keep hope alive in the boy.

However, Gaara was unaware that his father arranged Yashamaru to test Gaara's ability to control Shukaku by making an attempt on the boy's life.

Near death, Yashamaru continued his mission by creating the lie that both he and Karura never loved Gaara, with the latter's final words being Gaara as an instrument of her revenge on the village that allowed her to die.

This broke Gaara's heart as he unleashed Shukaku in full fury on the village before the Fourth Kazekage stopped the Tailed Beast.

Since that night, with many of his father's assassins killed by him, Gaara became secluded and psychotic killing machine bent on killing everyone in his way to prove his own existence.

When Orochimaru convinced the Kazekage on a partnership to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village, their mutual enemy, Gaara and his siblings enrolled in the Chunin exam to have Gaara unleash Shukaku near the end with ninja from both the Hidden Sand and Hidden Sound Villages invading during the chaos.

During the third phase of the Exam, Gaara faces off against Rock Lee and cripples him severely before he is stopped by Lee's teacher Might Guy. Though he made it to the finals as planned, Gaara was a bit confused by Guy's loyalty to his student.

Later, Gaara murders a Sound Ninja named Dosu who attempted to kill him as Gaara's opponent is Sasuke Uchiha.

One month later, murdering two ninja who were threatening him to throw the fight as they are betting on his opponent, Gaara faces off against Sasuke for the finals.

During the fight Sasuke breaks through his Sand Barrier and punctures his chest, injuring him for the very first time. The sight of his blood cause him to freak out, forcing Temari and Kankuro to drag him away from Konoha as the attack begins.

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